Bill No. 1

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Bill No. 1

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:53 pm

Your Face Congress
Principal Author: Nathan of MILLERTAIN
Bill No:001
Title of Bill:
Abolition of U.S. customary system
Be It Enacted By The Your Face Congress
Preamble: Whereas in every country besides the United States uses the Metric system for measurements, allowing for unneeded confusion when traveling.
SECTION 1: Let the National system of measurement be known as the Face System
SECTION 2: Allow scientists to create original measurements using the Metric System as a base.
SECTION 3: Allow Missionaries to travel to the U.S. to spread the use of the Face System.
SECTION 4: Allow students to take one year of U.S. measurements.
Sub-SECTION A: Class only valid for 12th grade.
Sub-SECTION A: Class will be placed at back of enrollment books in size 1 font.
Sub-SECTION A: Class will count for 0.1 high school credit.
SECTION 5: This bill shall go into effect 1 day after passage.


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