Bill No. 3

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Bill No. 3

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:52 pm

Your Face Congress
Author: The United Socialist States of Brinkerstan
Bill Number 3
Title: A bill to promote relations via making baseball the official sport of the region
Preamble: Whereas, as in the status quo, our region has no official sport, baseball is one of the oldest sports in the world AND has the best tradition AND represents our region well.
SECTION 1: Let the official sport of Your Face be baseball.
SECTION 2: Each country will have at least one team and a league will commence among the region, which will promote relations.
Sub-SECTION A: The funds for each team will come from the governments of Brinkerstan and Azual.
Sub-SECTION B: There will be one season each year.
Sub-SECTION C: Further details will be established by a sports committee with one member from each nation throwing in a delegate.
SECTION 3: The bill will go into effect 24 hours after passage.
SECTION 4: All laws not in compliance with this bill shall hereby be ruled null and void.


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