Bill No. 4

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Bill No. 4

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:00 pm

Your Face Congress
Committee: Defense
Principal Author: Sid de Pildron
Bill No:004
Title of Bill: Standing Army of Your Face
Be It Enacted By The Your Face Congress
RECOGNIZING that Your Face does not currently have a standing army,
SECTION 1: Let the Your Face Standing Army be known as the SAYF.
SECTION 2: Allow one division from each sector of the military in each country to make up the SAYF.
Sub-SECTION A: Allow one division to be about 10,000 people, giving the SAYF about 1.25 million soldiers.
Sub-SECTION B: Allow all countries with <20,000 people in their standing army to be exempt from contributing to the SAYF.
SECTION 3: Allow the AFYF (Air Force) and NYF (Navy) to have bases in Your Ass and The Fair Region.
SECTION 4: Let the commanders of the SAYF be the Commanders-in-Chief of Pildron, Brinkerstan, and Azual.
SECTION 5: The bill will go into effect 24 hours after passage.


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