Bill No. 5

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Bill No. 5

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:22 pm

[PREAMBLE] With no disrespect intended to the government of this fine region of Your Face, The Dominion of Mad Dog McGridle must request that all bills be open to the public from the moment of their creation so that no person, government, or organization may change or omit any bills without the consent of the people. This bill addresses an issue which all must hope would never be an issue, but the recent events of Brinkerstan attempting to veto a bill brought to light the issue that this region has very few existing regulations and procedures. Without regulations and procedures we often assume that we live under the same rights which are provided by the United States of America, but I call upon the nations of this region to recognize that we currently have few more basic rights than your average group of cavemen. In the hope of kick-starting this theme of creating bills that give us the rights we take for granted I have placed this bill upon the floor of our humble democracy.
[SECTION 1] To submit a bill it must be placed on the chamber floor.


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