Current Procedure as of 3/3/15

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Current Procedure as of 3/3/15

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:11 pm

Principal Author: Mad Dog McGridle.

SECTION 1: Each bill shall be placed on the floor near noon.
   [subsection 1.a]: For the purposes of this document the date of the bills placement upon the floor shall be
   referred to as (Day 1.) All subsequent days shall be referred to in ascending numerical order by
   chronological occurrence.
SECTION 2: Motions to table and/or amend the bill must be moved for by midnight of (Day 1), and votes for
 the tabling/amending of the bill must be submitted by midnight of (Day 2.)
   [subsection 2.a] If an amendment is passed it is the duty of the nation who moved for the amendment to
     notify all member nations of Your Face that the amendment passed.
       [subsection 2.a.i] Any member nation of Your face may conduct the notification aforementioned in
         (subsection 2.a) accepting that the nation who moved for the amendment (Nation A) and the
         nation conducting the notification (Nation B) have both agreed that (Nation B) will conduct the
         notification in the stead of (Nation A) and will therefore carry full responsibility and
         accountability for the distribution of the notification in the eyes of the legal department of Your Face.
       [subsection 2.a.ii] The notification aforementioned in (subsection 2.a) must be distributed before the
         midnight of (Day 2.) The notification may be distributed by one or more posts on the
         Your Face RMB page and/or a telegram to every member nation of Your Face
   [subsection 2.b] If an amendment is passed and the member nations of Your Face are notified as per
     regulation (see subsection 2.a) voting on the amended version of the bill will begin on the
     midnight of (Day 2.)
SECTION 3: Votes for the bill itself will begin on the midnight of (Day 2), and will conclude at midnight of
 (Day 3.)
SECTION 4: Every bill that receives more yays than nays shall go into affect at the midnight of (Day 4.)


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